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What We Do

At SPCA Tauranga, our priority is firstly upon enforcement which ultimately results in caring for animals while we look to find them a permanent home. The services SPCA Tauranga provide for our animals and the community fall into these seven categories:


The SPCA Tauranga rescues and adopts over 950 animals through the ‘Betty Napier Animal Shelter’ every year. All animals adopted out by the SPCA Tauranga are de-sexed, vet checked, vaccinated, flea treated, worm treated, micro-chipped and come with a one year SPCA membership.

one of SPCA Tauranga services is Adoption
one of SPCA Tauranga service is fostering


Our foster parents play the vital role of teaching our young and vulnerable animals that they don’t have to suffer, they don’t have to go without meals and they can learn to be a part of a family. We rely hugely on the support of our foster parents as we simply don’t have the capacity to hold every single animal that comes in to us at our shelter until we can find them new homes.

180 puppies and six dogs that came into our shelter were fostered before adoption. Foster parents looked after 590 kittens and 105 mother cats who came into the shelter. (2015 statistics)


Education gives us a way to encourage the humane treatment of all animals through interaction, sharing information, stories and fun activities. We believe that through education we will help to improve the lives of animals in our homes and communities today and for generations to come. It is a vital component in our purpose of preventing cruelty to animals.

Our visits are free however we do ask for a donation. In so many cases of animal cruelty that the SPCA sees it is lack of understanding and knowledge of basic animal care that is the cause, so by getting into the community and encouraging people to be aware of our pets basic needs, makes a difference.

one of SPCA Tauranga service is education
another SPCA tauranga service is animal welfare inspecting


Our inspectorate service is at the forefront of what the SPCA Tauranga is all about. Over 400 complaints are investigated each year, of which many animals are successfully rehomed and the owners are prosecuted and fined. There are some instances where our hands are tied, however with the law on our side, we are able to deal effectively with all sorts of animal abuse and neglect and will do everything in our power to ensure the safety of the animals in our community.


We have a range of events each year that help us raise funds to support our animals. Some of these events are as follows:

  • Cupcake day
  • Pet and family fun day
  • Walk for woofs

Keep an eye on our event calendar to find out when and where our events are happening around the Bay of Plenty.

tauranga spca events
spca tauranga birthday parties

Birthday Parties

If you’re looking for something a little different and exciting for your child’s birthday party, why not get a group of their friends together and have it at the Tauranga SPCA.

You will get a two hour hosted party at the SPCA’s premises with animals and animal education as well as a small gift for the birthday child and attendees. Food and drinks are the family’s responsibility, with an area provided for the children to sit and eat.

If you’re interested in booking a party at the SPCA Tauranga or would like some further information, please give us a call – 07 578 0245

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