SPCA Tauranga Team

Our staff work hard to ensure animal welfare is an important part of life in the Bay of Plenty.

Our inspectors work to uphold the laws relating to the treatment of animals and make prosecutions where necessary. At our ‘Betty Napier Animal Shelter’, we give sanctuary to animals in distress and re-home suitable animals where possible.

Of importance to note, is that we have been operating our shelter for some time using a ‘Saving Lives Philosophy’. We believe all life is precious. Therefore; the mission behind ‘Saving Lives’ is to treat every animal that arrives on our threshold as if it were our own. We aim to make every decision a life-saving commitment.

Furthermore; no longer do we euthanise an animal because it has been in adoption for a certain time, or because we have no space. Once we commit to finding a loving home for an animal we will see it through until we find that home.

Anna – Animal Welfare Inspector



Margaret – Operations Manager



Hannah – Foster Coordinator


Kristel – Customer Service and Animal Attendant


Ali – Education Officer


Ali 300x300

Cristin – Customer Service and Animal Attendant



Gemma – Customer Service and Animal Attendant


Jason – Animal Welfare Inspector