Lost and Found Animals in Tauranga

Lost Your Pet?

When your pet goes missing there are several things that can be done to help you locate your animal:

  • Check with your neighbours. Quite often cats can get accidentally locked in garages and sheds.
  • Inform the SPCA and the local Vet Clinic’s and give them a good description of the animal. Also a picture and pamphlet drop in your area is a great idea.
  • If it is a DOG you have lost, call your local council. There are two councils in the Western Bay of Plenty:
    Western Bay District Council Ph: (07) 571 8008
    Tauranga City Council Ph: (07) 577 7000 (24/7 call centre)
  • Try placing an ad on the radio. To do this Ph: (07) 578 9139.
  • Place an ad in the Bay of Plenty Times Ph: (07) 577 7770 or the Weekend Sun Ph: (07) 578 0030.
  • You could also place an ad on internet sites such as Trade Me (www.trademe.co.nz) and Pets on the Net (www.lostpet.co.nz).

Quite often people’s descriptions of colours and breeds of animals can be surprisingly varied, so you must be very specific when describing your animal. Is it wearing a collar, what colour is the collar, does it have easily identifiable markings etc.

And please let everyone know when your pet has returned so we all stop trying to help you locate your animal.

Found A Pet?

If you have found an animal there are a few simple steps you can take to help reunite animals with their owners.

If the animal requires emergency vet attention you can transport the animal to the closest Veterinarian for treatment. There will be no charge to you for this. Where possible, notify the SPCA and they will be able to inform the Vet you are coming to ensure a Vet will be available, if you are unable to do this, the Vet will inform the SPCA. If you are unable to transport the animal, please call the SPCA straight away and an Ambulance can be deployed.

The Western Bay of Plenty is a large area and the SPCA only have one Ambulance, so it is appreciated by us (and the animal) if you are able to transport the Animal to a Vet in a shorter time frame than ourselves to minimise the time the animal may be suffering.


  • Check with neighbours to make sure they haven’t recently got an animal you don’t know about and to check to see if the cat you have found has been seen in the area by them as well.
  • Do not feed the cat as this may lead to the cat not wanting to go home as it may be getting a more tastier meal from you instead of their owner.
  • Contact the SPCA to check if anyone has reported the cat lost and give a good description so we can direct people to you if they call.
  • The SPCA recommend to collar the cat with a tag attached asking if the owner could contact you. Sometimes cats just go for a wander looking for some company while their owners are at work. Collar and tags can be supplied by the SPCA if required.
  • Advertising animals you have found is free in the Bay of Plenty Times (07) 577 7770; The Weekend Sun (07) 578 0030 and the Radio Network (07) 578 9139.
  • You could also try to advertise found animals on internet sites like www.trademe.co.nz and www.lostpet.co.nz

Dogs and puppies:

  • Again check with neighbours to make sure the dog doesn’t belong to them.
  • If you have found a puppy under four months of age ring the SPCA and organise to bring the puppy in.
  • You can usually tell the age by looking at their teeth, they will have small sharp milk teeth if under 4 months of age.
  • Any healthy stray dogs over four months of age will be picked up by your local council. Tauranga City Council (07) 5777 000 or Western Bay council (07) 571 8008.

Birds, rabbits and other small animals:

  • If finders of these are unable to hold on to them while advertising, ring the SPCA to organise to have them delivered to the shelter.