Education gives us a way to encourage the humane treatment of all animals through interaction, sharing information, stories and fun activities. We believe that through education we will help to improve the lives of animals in our homes and communities today and for generations to come. It is a vital component in our purpose of preventing cruelty to animals.


School Visits

The Education Officer can visit your school and give a 30-50 minute presentation about animal related topics such as:

  • The role and history of the SPCA
  • How to care for animals – covering the ‘5 Freedoms’ and basic needs of all animals
  • Animal behaviour
  • Animal ownership, welfare and responsibility
  • The role of the community in animal welfare
  • To support the units with the Education Programme.

Early Childhood Education

For the pre-schoolers, we have a short presentation held at the animal shelter in Greerton.

This will cover the basic needs of the animals – the ‘Five Freedoms’, interactive activities that will engage and interest this age group, and will include a tour of the animal shelter.

Shelter Tours

Presentations can be delivered at our Tauranga SPCA shelter in Greerton. A guided tour is given, including some of the different areas where the animals are housed.

This full immersion learning experience offers opportunities for hands-on, up close contact with a variety of animals in our care.

Presentations to Organisations, Groups, Learning Institutes and Clubs

Each presentation is tailored to fit the appropriate age group, with key messages including:

  • Basic needs of animals, the ‘Five Freedoms’
  • What the SPCA does
  • How to keep animal populations low
  • The Animal Welfare Act 1999 and complaints within our community.  This includes animal welfare, outlining the minimum standards of care for all animals.

Extra Information for all Presentations

Presentations can include powerpoints, stories and interactive resources. If required, a specially selected SPCA animal can be brought along to tell their tale.

Five Freedoms for Animals

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst
  • Freedom from discomfort
  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease
  • Freedom to express normal behaviour
  • Freedom from fear and distress.

SPCA Education Programme

Launched in July 2016, these unit studies and resources, with SPCA related themes, are aligned to integrate into the New Zealand school curriculum. There is a teachers and students website regarding this Education Programme, which is designed for Year 1-8 (Level 1-4), and available to all schools.

Any enquiries about this programme or booking the Education Officer to support the unit studies can be made through the form below.

Our presentations are free of charge*, although donations of towels/blankets, pet food, kitty litter or old newspapers are always warmly received.

* A charge may be incurred for presentations outside of the normal school term (e.g. holiday programmes). If there is a charge, we will confirm the amount on enquiry.