Adoption Stories from Happy Owners and Animals

Read below about how well the adopted animals are doing in their new home with their new families.

Bobby – now called Diesel

Hi Cristin and the team at Tauranga SPCA,

Just wanted to thank you again for making our adoption of Bobby possible and thought you might like a quick update on how he is doing.

Bobby, now called Diesel, has settled in well to his new home in Hawkes Bay. He loves his two brothers Gumboot and Turbo (our other two dogs) and spends hours running, chasing and playing with them. He loves to try and tackle and play fight with them and they are very patient and tolerant with him. He absolutely loves swimming and is in and out of the creek that runs through our property most days.

He is also very clever and sneaky, on day one he found our Huntaway’s big bag of tux biscuits and worked out how to get into the bag and sneak biscuits so we had to move those! His latest trick is jumping on the outside table by knocking one of the chairs over to make a ramp! Cheeky! He is learning lots though and is very smart.

He likes the cats, although they aren’t his biggest fans, they don’t understand that his barking and excitement is because he just wants to play, however they do tolerate him quite well. He isn’t interested in the chickens that just free range around so that’s good and he is wary of the cattle.

He loves going for a run down the road each morning and is great on a lead. Yesterday evening we took him to the local river for a run for the first time. He was straight in for a swim and had a ball.

Thanks again,

Erica and Adam.