About SPCA Tauranga

The Tauranga SPCA has been caring for animals in need for over 50 years. Without the support of the community we would not be able to continue the important role we play in the treatment and care for the animals in our community.

We stick by our decision to no longer euthanise an animal because it has been in adoption for a certain time or because we have no space. However, in turn we need our community to understand for the majority of the year we run at full capacity. When you bring us your unwanted animal, we may ask you to re-home it yourself.


The Tauranga SPCA advocates a community where all animals receive appropriate care at all times.

All animals are treated with dignity and respect and are protected from all forms of cruelty and neglect.


To inspire and mobilise society to create a world in which all animals enjoy as a minimum ‘Five Freedoms’:

  • Food and water – freedom from hunger and thirst
  • Shelter – freedom from the harsh elements
  • Exercise – freedom from boredom and antisocial behavior
  • Vet care – freedom from pain, injury and suffering
  • Love – freedom from lack of apathy and neglect

50 Years of Service

We have officially been caring for the neglected and abused animals in our community for 50 years. Over these 50 years we have witnessed some devastating situations but also some very humbling and amazing ones. We would like to thank all of our adoptive parents, foster parents, members, volunteers and supporters for helping us care for the animals in need in our community. Without you all we would not be here still after 50 years and thanks to you, we will continue to care for the animals for the next 50 years and more.


Chairperson: Sean Cooney

Vice Chairperson: Sara Kerr-Collins

Secretary: Sandra Leong

Treasurer: Maree Brookes

Committee members: Jennifer Custins, Debbie Lincoln

‘Saving Lives’ Philosophy

We have been operating our shelter for some time using this philosophy, as we believe all life is precious. The mission behind ‘Saving Lives’ is to treat every animal that arrives on our threshold as if it were our own, and to make every decision a life-saving commitment.

SPCA Tauranga and SPCA Waihi are proudly supported by: